30 08, 2016

Explained: What Is The Difference Between Fair And Market Value

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When you are planning to buy or sell, the question most concerning is about the home value. If I am selling my home, how do I know it is valued right? When buying a home, how do I know this is the "right price". I have a couple terms I think can help understand this [...]

17 08, 2016

Green Home Upgrades That Will Increase Your Listing Value

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Do you know who makes up the largest demographic of home buyers today? At 35 percent, buyers 35 years and younger continue to be the largest generational group of home buyers with a median age of 30 years old. Sixty-seven percent of buyers 35 years and younger were first-time buyers. Did you know that the largest [...]

17 08, 2016

New Information On Drones In Real Estate (2016)

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We have talked about the risk involved with early adopters of drones in real estate. You can read that blog by clicking here. Without getting into much details, we last heard from the FAA that if you wanted to use drones for real estate footage, you needed to obtain your section 333 waiver. There was mixed [...]

9 08, 2016

Run For Mayor of Your Real Estate Career

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If you think about a marketing strategy for real estate agents today, what are they trying to do? It is an offline and online combination to help your real estate career get off the ground. You want something that makes you the expert in your field, area, city, or neighborhood.They want to position themselves as [...]

4 08, 2016

Easy Ways to Save for a Down Payment

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Despite some of the more common challenges we see with large student debt, down payment, saving money, and the price of homes. I still see a strong desire for Americans to own a home. Recent studies have shown a growth in our housing market, but there is still factors that hinder home ownership. According to [...]