21 12, 2016

Looking Into the 2017 Housing Market

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When you look back on 2016, the real estate market didn't show drastic change. That makes most ask the question, what should we expect in the 2017 housing market? More of the same? Or are we in for a big change in the 2017 housing market? It is probably no secret that rates are increasing [...]

15 12, 2016

Getting Approved For a Home Loan Is Not a Hard Process

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Since 2008, getting a home loan is a different process to those looking for pre approval. This process does not have to be intimidating or frightening. Getting approval for a loan to buy your house is not difficult. If anyone is in the business, it is often this process that is the hardest to get [...]

15 12, 2016

Design Tips: Plan Your Next Home Renovation Around Real Estate

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It is really important to carefully choose the design of the products for your renovation. Renovations need to match the style of the home or neighborhood. Once you put your home on the real estate market, it can be a determining factor as to whether your home sells or not. Mismatching an existing traditional exterior [...]

12 12, 2016

Tips To Get The Highest Price For Your House

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When selling your home, the goal is to always get the highest price the market will allow. Unfortunately, this does not happen for many individuals for reasons that can be avoided! Far too often, the small details get overlooked, and that can drive the sell price down. No one wants to leave money on the [...]

6 12, 2016

Riverside Predicted To Be Top Real Estate Market In 2017

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Realtor.com just released their 2017 market forecast for the year ahead. Riverside is on the list to be a top overall market in the country! “The top 10 markets all benefit from strong growth dynamics: population, jobs, and households.” Says Jonathan Smoke, realtor.com’s chief economist, who analyzed the country’s 100 largest metropolitan markets for their growth [...]

5 12, 2016

FHA Increases Loan Limits for 2017

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Reports have been circulating around about the FHA increasing loan limits for 2017. We contacted Mike Rolston, who is Mortgage Loan Originator from US Lending Network to give us an update. The limits for FHA financing went up in all counties across the nation. Riverside and San Bernardino counties loan limits went from $356,500 to [...]