2017 Promises a Great Year for the Inland Empire

Inland Empire Boom

According to real estate expert, Randall Lewis, the Inland Empire is expected to have an impeccable year in 2017!

With more than 30 years of experience in the real estate industry developing communities, apartments, commercial and industrial real estate Lewis is positive that the Inland Empire is evolving into a major hot spot. With so much renovation and innovative projects in the works the Inland Empire is becoming a place where it isn’t necessary to travel far at all just to find something to do. Lewis highlighted hot spots such as Victoria Gardens, Ontario Mills, and Citizens Business Bank Area that were going through renovation. There is even a prospect for lighting design that brings the same attraction to that of Las Vegas and Hollywood.


With the Industrial market on the rise it is definitely safe to say there is a lot of exciting things to come! Lewis explained, “It had been going strong the three or four years before. If anything, it
picked up steam in 2016. All those big boxes you’re seeing are bringing in hundreds and thousands of jobs.”

Interest Rates

If you have done any research on interest rates, you might notice that experts are talking about increases. However, that should not be a concern in 2017. Interest rates, while rising, are still “phenomenally low,” so there’s no point in buyers trying to wait for them to reach the bottom.

Over the years, the Inland Empire area (where we call home) has improved dramatically. While people are getting priced out of the beach cities, they are finding great amenities and lifestyle in Riverside county. From what we are seeing in the 2017 housing market, combined with a positive outlook in the Inland Empire, we are confident 2017 is a great time to consider taking the next step in your real estate decision.



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