$40 Million Library Coming To Downtown Riverside

Back in August, we got a first look at the proposed design of the new Riverside library to be featured downtown. Earlier, the same proposal had failed to get the necessary number of votes from the city charter. Within less than a month, the proposal gained new support from a couple city councilman and now the has vote passed 5-1.

Artist Render of Riverside Library

An artist’s rendering shows Riverside’s new Main Library design with an outdoor terrace at right. Photo courtesy of city of Riverside.

The new library is going on the lot of the formal bus terminal on Mission Inn Avenue. The proposed design is not something you see everyday. In fact, they are already preparing for a small backlash against the design. The most prominent feature is the giant oddly shaped window on the front of the building. According to this article, the library is planning on some great new features.

…planning innovations such as stationary bikes with desks where patrons sit and pedal to charge their devices, lending libraries of toys and tools, work space for a business incubator and super-high-speed wireless internet.

While the idea of bikes to charge your phone is interesting, the roof top terrace seems to be the most practical and welcoming feature.

Those familiar with the project know that it has taken almost a decade to get to this point. Multiple failed plans, lack of funding, and debates on the location have delayed the project. The city is planning to break ground and hopefully open the building in the year 2020.

Riverside Library Proposed Design

What do you think of the design? Is the window something that is hard to look past? Or do you welcome a modern design? Riverside is a tough city, especially coming from a town that currently is home to the Mission Inn and historic Fox theater.

Let us know what you think of the design in the comments below!

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