5 Ways to Speed Up Selling Your House

Sometimes you don’t always have the luxury to let your house be on the market for months (or even years!). What if selling your house is a time sensitive matter? Circumstances like relocating for a new job or moving closer to family becomes a high priority in your life. This often will require sellers to look at increasing the likelihood the home will sell faster on the market.

If time is not on your side, think about these tips.

Selling Your House Pretty Fast (Good Value)

Tip: Curb Appeal

Sometimes you have a great house, but you are neglecting what people see first. The landscaping and appearance of your house matters to people who are looking to buy. Even though they might not have any real drive to maintain the outside appearance of the house once they buy, at least they are trying, right? You don’t have to spend tons of money to make your house appealing. Sometimes it might be spending a couple days getting down in the dirt and trimming your bushes. Or hire a service to come and give a basic face lift to the property. More information on curb appeal and home improvement strategy can be found in the post linked below.

Tip: Marketing Strategy

The most important aspect of selling your house is not a big name broker, it is the agent who is selling your home. A good agent knows the market, understand what buyers are looking for and can price your home competitively to sell. A large broker with a household name might bring reputation, but that does not always mean the best service.

Tip: Create a Blank Canvas

First of all, if your home is not receiving good feedback (offers), make sure you have done the proper steps to get rid of clutter. Getting rid of unnecessary furniture to open up spaces, deep cleaning, and simple design changes will help buyers look at your hose in the way they want to see it. Speak to your agent about all the ways you can improve this.

Tip: Price

When time is an issue, think about moving the price down below its actual value to encourage more offers. Yes, it might be hard to do this, but it is all dependent on your situation and just how important it is to sell right away. Obviously I am not recommending to drop the house price to an absurd low. It will be more based on market competition.

Home Flipping – Fast But Dangerous

Selling your house to someone looking to flip it might be one of the fastest ways to get your house sold. I definitely give a very strong word of caution for this method, as you risk selling your house for a well under what it is worth .

Understand: Flippers will be wanting to get your home below market value. They will want to turn the largest profit on the home when they are done with it. Do NOT sell to someone without doing your homework on the offer itself. Selling to a flipper comes with many downsides. But if you are going this route, make sure to check the offer with multiple investors to compare pricing.

Real Estate Developer

If the land of your home is more valuable than the home that is sitting on the land, you might be attractive to someone who would tear down the home and build something new in its place. If you are not emotionally attached to your home being destroyed, it is an option to consider.

Please Avoid While Selling Your House!

Most of all, have you heard about programs that will say, “we will sell your house in 30 days or we will buy it fro you”. They will “buy” your home, but it they are not buying your home at market value. Some simple research on the internet will likely confirm our advice. It is a sales gimmicks and borderline scam. Check out our feature on the common scams we know are going around.

In conclusion, the methods listed that will get the house sold the fastest will almost always result in the house being undervalued. If possible, selling a home faster and for the most money is through strategies like curb appeal, marketing, price, and staging.

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