Buy Your Next Home From The Couch?!

Picture this:

You are browsing for new homes and you think “wow that looks like a great home”! However, you stuck in LA and that property is in San Francisco. Sure pictures are nice, but what if I want to get a better feel for the property? I also don’t have time to make a trip up North and the house is in a hot market. Here comes virtual reality. Simply put on your virtual reality (VR) headset and instantly enter a 360 world of that home.

In theory, this technology sounds great. But at what cost? Real estate and technology have a love-hate relationship. Virtual Realty is not going to change the state of real estate. Unless its easy to use, cost effective, and readily available to everyone. An article on CNBC said in their report, they found listings that cost anywhere from $3,000-$15,000 for places in New York. With that price, you will be seeing virtual reality in your average home, at least in the near future.

Photography Still Matters

Think photography is on its way out? In 2013, Redfin did a study and found that homes with a price of $400,000-$500,000 sold for almost 10k more. When it was listed with a professional photographer. I also read a story from the Los Angeles Times that talked about a home in Hawaii that was listed for 3 million. It was on the market for 9 months. The sellers hired someone to do some photos with a drone and the house was put in escrow just three weeks later. Don’t use an iPhone to take your property shots and do not end up on Photography is still valuable in your listing and its what gets people to come look at your home.

3D Scans Still Remain King

Quite honestly, 3D scans from companies like Matterport are still the best option for a full immersive view of the home. Virtual reality headsets comes with to many barriers of entry, while 3D scans of properties can still be viewed from any device you own. Consequently, you can view indoor spaces on Matterport in a Virtual reality headset.

Takeaway – Ask Your Real Estate Agent About Virtual Reality

If you are using a good photographer to capture a home, they can capture the look and feel of the home extremely well. It is important to ASK your real estate agent their plans to photograph your house. If they don’t have a answer right away, it means they don’t plan their marketing strategy properly. If you think your house would do well with 3D scans, talk to your agent about including in their marketing.

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