You Can Put Your Home On The Market In the Slow Season

Guess what? People still buy homes in the slow season. As the end of the year comes to a close, it is common for people to pull their listings or delay them. But recent data might suggest a different strategy. The less choices buyers have in the real estate market, the more demand increases around the market. This is why we call it a sellers market. This mean when you sell your home, there are buyers floating around waiting for homes to hit the market.

Lets look at the 5 reasons why it makes sense to list your home today

1. Take advantage of low inventory.

housing inventory in Riverside during slow season


As you can see from the chart above, which is a graph of the housing inventory in Riverside, inventory takes a hit starting in August. We had a surplus of over a 1000 + homes earlier that suddenly went on a decline. This happens in lots of markets across of the country. It comes down to supply and demand 101. This means more buyers and bidding!

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2. Your House is Probably Worth More

With raising appreciation in home prices over the last couple years, it might be pretty safe to say you could sell your home and turn a nice profit right now. The graph below shows the prices of homes in Riverside over a set period of time. As you can see, it is on a steady increase.

prices of homes in Riverside over a set period of time



3. Low Interest Rates

if you do some research on interest rates right now, you will see that they are in the 3.5% range. Which makes borrowing money pretty attractive right now.

Use those interest rates, along with many loan programs, and right now is as great time to maybe even think about an investment property.

4. Healthy Market = More remodeling

Sellers might be surprised what they can find right now on the market. A steady healthy market has lead lots of people to invest even more into their home. Read this article from

The market has also led to a steady construction boom of new homes.

5. Marketing

You don’t even need to wait for the slow season to take advantage of great marketing. Make sure you understand the entire marketing plan for your home. Ask your real estate agent what they are doing outside of putting your property on the MLS. With our new marketing tactics and a explosion of technology, putting your home on the market means so much more today then it ever did before.

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