14 11, 2017

$40 Million Library Coming To Downtown Riverside

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Back in August, we got a first look at the proposed design of the new Riverside library to be featured downtown. Earlier, the same proposal had failed to get the necessary number of votes from the city charter. Within less than a month, the proposal gained new support from a couple city councilman and now [...]

28 09, 2017

Donations For Puerto Rico and All Drop Off Locations

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Donations For Puerto Rico Our agent Juan Claudio is asking for your help. Himself, with the assistance of the California Puerto Rican Parade & Festival* are setting up drop off locations all over Southern California and the Inland Empire. We are very happy to become a drop off location at our office in Riverside. Below [...]

30 08, 2017

Homes For Dogs Project

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Coldwell Banker Blackstone is helping participate in Adopt-a-Pet.com's National Pet Adoption Weekend with "Homes for Dogs Project" in September! Homes For Dogs Project (20,000 Dogs!) We all know that a dog makes a home even happier. Coldwell Banker has partnered up with Adopt-a-Pet.com to help 20,000 dogs find loving homes in 2015 through the Coldwell [...]