17 10, 2017

Veterans Make Exceptional Real Estate Agents

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Because of their military training and background, Veteran real estate agents have shown a natural transition into a successful real estate career. Lets take a look at some of the traits Veterans learn from military service that help them in the real estate industry. Decisive Action We all know being in the military requires quick [...]

30 08, 2017

Homes For Dogs Project

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Coldwell Banker Blackstone is helping participate in Adopt-a-Pet.com's National Pet Adoption Weekend with "Homes for Dogs Project" in September! Homes For Dogs Project (20,000 Dogs!) We all know that a dog makes a home even happier. Coldwell Banker has partnered up with Adopt-a-Pet.com to help 20,000 dogs find loving homes in 2015 through the Coldwell [...]

16 08, 2017

Smart Home Certified Agents | Coldwell Banker Blackstone

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For some real estate agents, the future is right now. Coldwell Banker is the only real estate brand with "certified" smart home specialists. What does this mean? It means agents at Coldwell Banker Blackstone understand how home technology is shaping today's buyers, homes for sale, and even home prices. Especially relevant, Coldwell Banker is helping [...]

9 08, 2016

Run For Mayor of Your Real Estate Career

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If you think about a marketing strategy for real estate agents today, what are they trying to do? It is an offline and online combination to help your real estate career get off the ground. You want something that makes you the expert in your field, area, city, or neighborhood.They want to position themselves as [...]

6 07, 2016

Real Estate Technology is Not Hurting Agents

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You have probably seen this headline before. "The Internet and Technology is Killing Real Estate Agents". I believe the human element of real estate is going to be around for a long time. Real estate technology is simply changing the relationship between all the parties involved in the transaction. Being more productive is essential your [...]