Design Tips: Plan Your Next Home Renovation Around Real Estate

It is really important to carefully choose the design of the products for your renovation. Renovations need to match the style of the home or neighborhood. Once you put your home on the real estate market, it can be a determining factor as to whether your home sells or not. Mismatching an existing traditional exterior with a new modern interior will be a turnoff for most buyers, thus hurting the value of your home. When homes are all one style, buyers are going to fall in love. Of course, the quality of the finishes will be a factor as well; however, two different styles in one home will be worse.

Additionally, if you are doing a larger renovation that includes the exterior, try not to go against what the neighborhood calls for. For example, taking an existing modern exterior, and putting traditional exterior touches on it will not do you any favors. In today’s real estate market, buyers are going to want exactly what they dream for, and that is not a hodgepodge house that does not make any sense. Keep in mind that a large number of buyers look at homes as an investment. This is one of the most significant ways to protect that investment.

Kitchen Renovation

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If you are considering a kitchen renovation, always consider the style of the home. If the home is a traditional style, stick with traditional. For example, an ultra modern kitchen in a traditional house is going to throw off buyers. You do not want to install minimalist slab or flat kitchen cabinets with sleek hardware such as recessed cabinet pulls. You also want to be cautious with installing concrete counter-tops and floors. Instead, you want to opt for the more traditional granite counter-top with cabinetry that has more detail such as raised panels. Additionally, consider wood floors with a herringbone pattern or travertine tiles.

Other things such as a traditional farmhouse sink and a more detailed oriented faucet would also help set the tone. Kitchen renovations can be very costly; however, families love spending time together in this area as they cook, entertain, or even as the kids do homework. It will be worth the price because if you decide to put your home on the real estate market later down the road, you can make a great return. Avoid making a style misstep here, though, it can send your money down the drain just as easy.

You do not want to install minimalist slab or flat kitchen cabinets with sleek hardware such as recessed cabinet pulls

Bathroom Renovation

The bathrooms also have to match the style of the home. To buyers, it may be strange if you put in a traditional claw-foot bathtub in a modern house. Instead go for a sleeker flat bottom tub with a minimalist design. This will help make the house flow more and that is always a great thing. Putting in a wall mounted square shower-head and a floating vanity with flat panels will be attractive to buyers who love modern design.

Putting in a wall mounted square shower-head and a floating vanity with flat panels will be attractive to buyers who love modern design

Other design choices to consider when renovating would be to install floor to ceiling stack bond tile in the shower, and anywhere else you see fit. The possibilities are endless, and that makes this process fun. Mix and match combinations that are modern, and you will find buyers falling in love. Your home will be sold and taken off the real estate market quite quickly. On the other hand, if you decide to go with that traditional claw-foot tub, and a vanity with intricate details, your modern home could be more difficult to sell.


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The exterior is a buyer’s first impression of your home so it is always crucial to pick design details that match your home. For example, if you are considering putting a fence up or replacing one, consider a horizontal design. This will make your home stand out especially if it is a modern style. Cedar would be a great choice of wood. If you like picket fences, this will simply not work on a modern home. This would be more suitable for a cottage style. Additionally, garage doors also have a variety of styles that will go over well with the modern buyer.

For example, a garage door that has a horizontal slat design with frosted glass sidelites would be perfect. Never try to mix a carriage style door on a modern home. Bottom line, mixing and matching two different styles does happen, but it should be known that it is risky when it comes to putting your home on the real estate market. Everything should coincide and flow, which makes it more attractive to buyers and less chaotic. You have to think what buyers are going to like, and not what you necessarily like. With that being said, if you do not plan on ever selling, then you can design your home to your liking.

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