My Home Is On The Market. Why Is It Not Selling?

Putting your home on the market is a pretty big milestone. Selling a home that you have personal attachment with can be hard on a family. Depending on your situation, you might need to sell the home in a reasonable amount of time. No matter the current situation, the home is on the market, what are the best options?

At Coldwell Banker Blackstone, we make sure our agents go through a basic checklist. These are methods we know will increase the likeliness of your house getting off the market. Here are 5 effective tips to consider.

Selling a Home Means Staging Like a Pro


Selling a home

There is a couple different ways you can handle staging. First, you can get your house professional staged by a staging company. With the right marketing, professional staging really gives the house a new perspective for buyers. Staging on this level is mostly for homes that need large furniture, new appliances, and an updated look. You can stage on your own with simple DIY projects. New towels, decorations, bowls, will look great on a clean uncluttered table!

It works: Kasey Borders, top producing agent at Coldwell Banker Blackstone, opened escrow on a home in just four days! The house is professionally staged and barely hit the market.

Curb Appeal 

The best impression is the first impression. If the house is fairly new, all you might need to do is hire someone to give it a quick face lift. Trimming the bushes, mowing the lawn, plant fresh flowers, will make a big difference! If the house is older, consider changing fixtures, mailbox, and the windows visible in the front yard. For example, give the old shutters a fresh coat of paint!

Selling a home


When selling a home, it is important to give the impression of having tons of storage space. Showing your own clutter does not give the seller the visual idea of their own storage needs. Even when there is no deal in place, it might be time to get out the moving boxes!

Small Renovation

A small renovation can lead to a bigger payoff. Obvious changes (paint, old carpet, cabinets) is just money out of pocket for potential sellers. Talk to your real estate agent about other houses in the neighborhood that have recently sold. It might be worth considering bringing the home up to those standards.

Smart Home Marketing:¬†It is not secret that “smart homes” are up and coming. Consider a Smart Home Staging Kit as part of your renovation. Agents in our office have Smart Home Certifications and have taken numerous courses on marketing a smart home. Let us know if you would like to talk to an agent today about Smart Homes!

Ask Your Agent About Price

If your home is not sold after trying these tips, it is probably a good time to talk to your agent about price. Coldwell Banker agents know the market and how to aggressively price your home to be sold. While getting top dollar and minimizing time on the market. Even a price reduction of $5,000-$15,000 might be the move that motivates the right buyer. When selling a home, the last thing you want is a bunch of stress. In fact, with the right real estate professional, this process is not stressful at all! Putting together the right tools, technology, and team, and will see how easy this process is!


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