New Information On Drones In Real Estate (2016)

We have talked about the risk involved with early adopters of drones in real estate. You can read that blog by clicking here. Without getting into much details, we last heard from the FAA that if you wanted to use drones for real estate footage, you needed to obtain your section 333 waiver.

There was mixed information on the use of drones, mainly because the FAA was still working on the rules for drones. In the meantime they just told Realtors to apply for the Section 333 waiver to grant a limited-use permit.

Drones Update From FAA

Things are much more clear now. There was a post from the National Association of Realtors that talked about the new rules that were years in the making. That post can be found here.

Link: Department of Transportation Aviation Administration Rules

The article states:

There is now an easy to understand system and set of rules which anyone flying a drone must follow. This booming and exciting new technology is making its debut in many different fields of commerce and real estate is no exception. An interesting question arises from all of this. Should real estate appraisers consider using this technology when appraising real estate? The simple answer is, absolutely

Anyone who is thinking about using drones should visit the FAA website.

Using drones in real estate was never a bad idea in terms of the value it provided. There was just lots unknowns with insurance, legality, and rules. The footage they can provide and birds eye view of a neighborhood is a great way for the client to see the entire picture of the property.

As you can see, it really changes how you view the property compared to simple photos taken on the ground. Buying property goes beyond your plot of land. Everything around your lot plays a factor in its value. It does not replace physically walking around the property, but it helps understand the proximity to surrounding properties and more.

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