Run For Mayor of Your Real Estate Career

If you think about a marketing strategy for real estate agents today, what are they trying to do? It is an offline and online combination to help your real estate career get off the ground. You want something that makes you the expert in your field, area, city, or neighborhood.They want to position themselves as the industry expert for different areas.They want to be the first thought in your mind for real estate in a specific area. It usually comes down to branding.

Fast food? McDonald’s.

Brown soda? Coca-Cola.

Real estate expert? [Insert your name]

If you think about it, should you be any different than a politician running for office?

If you were running for mayor of a small city, what would your strategy be? Perhaps you would go out and spend time meeting people. Post blogs on your website or social media on issues that you support. Start a webpage that gives your history, about me, and general information for your campaign. You want people to know your name and remember a face when they fill out the ballet box.

Are you doing this as a real estate agent?

Vote for Me!

You win an election when you win the trust of people and get their vote. You won’t win a listing if you don’t first let people know why you have earned their vote. Gone are the days where being a “realtor” is your best marketing tool in your real estate career.

Begin your real estate career by starting your campaign small. Earn the votes of your friends and family. Work relationships with your local neighborhood and schools. How do I do this? You don’t have to start a conversation with real estate. People do business with who they trust. Not because you have a license.

Would you vote for someone who walked up to you and just gave you information why they are so “great for the job”. I guess some people might go for that. But the people who win elections in politics are the ones who build relationships with people, do charity events, and attended local events,fundraisers and so on.

Would you Win an Election?

A political campaign is not going to be won overnight. You can’t start a month before the elections and just plan to win. There are people who work towards their election for years.

Your business is going to take time to grow. But if you approach it the right way, the return on investment will pay off. Remember, people do not want to do business with you just because you have a real estate license. They want to do business with YOU because of the success you have had in your career.

A Real Estate Career Campaign Manager

The secret behind a great campaign is the manager. The person who is working the details behind the scene as you go out and do your job. No, this does not mean you need to shell out your money for a personal assistant. A good real estate company should be taking the load off your shoulders with a good amount of resources.

  • Website + domain
  • Social Media Content
  • CRM + lead management
  • Frequent real estate classes and training
  • One on one advice from your broker
  • Great work environment

This all means you can go out and do the work you do best. If you are not getting these things at your broker, you should consider a company that is taking action to make their agents better.

How good is your campaign manager?

People Trust a Politician?

You are not going to be putting up “vote for me” signs or kissing babies (unless you want). But the key elements of a political campaign are a great guide to a successful real estate career. It gets you face to face with clients, getting involved locally, working outside the office, and online promoting your brand as well.

This is where you can deliver on your promises as a real estate agent. When you take a buyer from home shopping to the closing day, you delivered on your promise. How many times has a political figure been elected into office and doesn’t deliver what “promises”? The best part of your job is you can control your reputation and deliver on promises you make to clients.

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