The Best (and Most Stressed) Time of Your Life

Moving, marriage planning, and how to prevent (some of the) stress during the process of buying a home. 

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process of buying a homeYou’ve recently gotten engaged and are in full wedding planning mode when it hits you: it’s time to buy a house. You don’t have to wait until you say “I do” to get your forever home in shape for post-honeymoon arrival. But buying a house and planning a wedding at the same time can up your stress to maximum capacity. Here are a few ways to execute a successful – and sanity-saving – move as your nuptials near.

Delegate and trust.

You have two major events happening concurrently and, chances are, you can’t always be present when decisions have to be made. This is a great opportunity for you each to allow the other the freedom to make decisions. This will demonstrate your trust in one another. Discuss which areas only need the input of one half of your partnership and which decisions should be made together.

Fix the little things before moving in.

Even if you’re buying a brand-new home, there are plenty of little things that need to be done before settling in. Hire a handyman to take care of these and you will get to enjoy your new home together without the added stresses of immediate home maintenance. Your marital home should be a place of respite and the $165 – $575 you can expect to pay a handyman to complete minor improvements is a reasonable cost to make it so.

Don’t try to do it all yourself.

Both planning a wedding and buying a house are stressful, no matter how much happiness these events bring. Don’t try to micromanage every detail of the wedding or real estate transaction yourself. Instead, recruit friends and family and forge a relationship with an experienced Realtor who can lend his or her expertise and streamline the process. Money Crashers points out that there are lots of little things that can go wrong during the home buying process – you’ll be grateful for your agent’s ability to help you overcome issues such as a poor appraisal or getting beat out with a higher offer.

Enjoy the ride.

You’re about to embark on a roller coaster of emotions during the process of buying a home. You will likely feel everything from extreme happiness to nerve-rattling fear – sometimes within the same 60-second period. You may experience everything from cold feet to hot-headed tempers flaring in the days and weeks leading up to the wedding and closing. Don’t let minor frustrations block the big picture. It may sound cliché, but now is a great time to sit back and enjoy the ride. You will soon fall into a routine with your new spouse and family. You may secretly long for the turbulence and excitement that come during these early days together.

Expect bad moods.

Up until now, you and your partner have experienced plenty of pre-marital bliss. But the reality is about to set in hard and fast and you will soon learn that your happy-go-lucky future husband or witty wife-to-be is not an infallible creature. Psychology Today contributor Barbara Markway Ph.D. explains the stress of moving can cause bad moods. She cautions against taking that bad mood out on others. Take this as an opportunity to get acquainted with your signs your future spouse is getting agitated. Learning these ahead of time will save you lots of heartache down the road.

For your sake and that of your future spouse, you must learn to trust each other’s judgment and give one another the freedom to make decisions on both of your behalfs. Buying a home and planning a wedding are each exceptional opportunities to do just that. But remember, some days will be easier than others and a little preemptive planning will make things easier as you take your first steps together as man and wife.

Contents of this article was assisted by guest author Natalie Jones. You can visit her website by clicking here.
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