Tips To Get The Highest Price For Your House

When selling your home, the goal is to always get the highest price the market will allow. Unfortunately, this does not happen for many individuals for reasons that can be avoided! Far too often, the small details get overlooked, and that can drive the sell price down. No one wants to leave money on the table so it is critical to keep in mind that potential buyers notice every detail of a home. The worst-case scenario is that your home can be left sitting on the market for months.

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The longer your home sits on the market, the more you risk it becoming a difficult sell. With these cost effective fixes, your home will be worth more and will attract additional buyers that were not giving consideration before.

Curb Appeal

Beginning with curb appeal, it is a buyer’s first impression of your home so it is very important that it gets addressed. Buyers will be reluctant to even enter your home if they see weeds, dead grass, and overgrown shrubbery. By simply watering the grass daily and adding seeds, a lush green lawn that is cared for will attract more buyers. Trimming existing shrubbery or adding new colorful plants with mulch will also up the appeal. Lastly, a little touch of paint on any exterior trim that is worn should make your home stand out in a good way. The goal should always be to have a clean appearance inside and out.

Interior Touch Up

image of bedroom staging for selling homeThe next easy fix would be interior paint. You want to make sure the walls have a fresh coat with a neutral color. Some buyers can be turned off if the walls are too bright. This will only shrink your buyer pool and that is the last thing you want. Always go with what the majority of buyers prefer and not your own tastes because it is the safer bet. Colors such as modern gray tones to even more traditional cream tones will work. Keep in mind that it is important to consider the location of the neighborhood. For example, in a traditional neighborhood, buyers are expecting a traditional style so consider leaning towards the safer cream tones.

It Is in The Details

Another easy fix would be hardware around your home. This feature can throw off potential buyers even though it is quite small in relation to other changes. It gives the impression whether your home is outdated or not. For example, shiny brass was popular in the ‘80s; however, the first thing buyers usually say today is that they want that replaced. So the hardware on cabinet doors and faucets around the home should be replaced before holding an open house. The hardware to consider buying should be chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and perhaps copper. This will give what buyers want, which is an updated look. This will always increase interest.

The hardware to consider buying should be chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and perhaps copper.


image of real estate staging Staging your home is also critical. A buyer is more likely to purchase your home with beautifully staged furniture than it being empty. For example, putting in a bedroom set in the master bedroom will pay dividends. The same goes with a living room with a coffee table and proper seating. Every room is equally important, and they will help the buyer imagine living in the space. Once that happens, they can become emotionally attached. Higher offers are possible when emotion is involved, so this is a great benefit. Also, empty rooms make it difficult on buyers to gauge whether their furniture is the right size for the space.

Lastly, keeping your home clean goes really far when trying to sell. Scrub the grout and wipe down any messes that can deter buyers. For example, if the counters are dirty with food crumbs, and the floors are filthy from tracking dirt from outside, buyers are not going to feel like paying higher than they need to. Also, if you have children and have their toys lying around, this will be a distraction from showcasing the home. Keeping the home presentable, adding the above mentioned cost effective fixes, and using the right agent, you will be successful in selling your home at a higher selling price in no time!

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